Frequently asked questions & RULES

How much are the tickets?

Single Feature sessions:

Our pricing structure has been streamlined to enable simple on-line ticket booking. Tickets can also be purchased on the night at the ticket box. The carload pricing is the best value for everyone from 2 people up to 7 people. If there are two people in a car then the $30 carload is the ticket for you, if you have between three and seven people then the $40 carload ticket is the best value. If you have a larger vehicle like a van or mini-bus, the pricing starts again after the 7th person e.g. 10 people in one vehicle will be $80 (2 carloads). All occupants must have seatbelts (i.e. be seated legally). All patrons must arrive in the one car at the same time. This pricing applies to Single Feature sessions; this is the maximum price you will pay per session. It does not include two single sessions. A discount additional ticket is available if you wish to see more than one single session on the same night and can be purchased only at the ticket box.

In 2002 our single adult admission price was $12, in twenty years it has only increased $3. We rely on volume and do our very best to keep prices low so, we do ask for your understanding when lines are long. You can help by arriving early and buying your food early.

Kids 2 and under are admitted free.

Movie Marathons (3 movies in a row):

Add a 2nd film:

Individual tickets:

 Please note that sessions run rain or clear and refunds are not available due to weather conditions or change of mind or circumstances.

Do you accept credit cards?

We do have EFTPOS facilities at the ticket box and in the Lunar Cafe.

What are the classifications?

When are you open?

We are open every night of the year except Christmas Night 25th Dec.

Can I book in advance?

Yes you can pre-purchase online tickets from our sessions page or purchase tickets nightly at our ticket box. We still recommend even with online ticket purchases that you arrive at the time recommended on our sessions page. There are no refunds available on pre-booked tickets, so if you are not really sure, you may choose to just purchase tickets on the night at the ticket box. Note that drive-ins operate in all weather, if it is raining the films still run. No refunds are given for weather events unless the films do not run. Please note that some gift vouchers and other passes cannot currently be used to book tickets online. We do honour them at our ticket box nightly however.

Can I smoke at the Drive-in?

From Dec 1, 2019 the Lunar Drive-in will introduce new smoking restrictions in line with other outdoor businesses. The only designated smoking areas at the drive-in are the last two rows of each theatre. To smoke at any time, even inside your car,  you need to either park on the back two rows, or walk to that area. There are no other areas on the drive-in property that smoking is permitted. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.

Do you sell online tickets?

Yes you can pre purchase tickets from our sessions page or buy them at the ticket box. We still recommend even with online ticket purchases that you arrive at the time recommended on our sessions page. There are no refunds available on pre-booked tickets, so if you are not really sure, you may choose to just purchase tickets on the night at the ticket box. Note that drive-ins operate in all weather, if it is raining the films still run. No refunds are given for weather events unless the films do not run. Please note that gift vouchers and other passes cannot currently be used to book tickets online. We do honour them at our ticket box nightly.

Can I have my daytime running lights or parking lights on during the movie?

All lights on the exterior of your car must be turned off once the movie has commenced. There are procedures on how to turn off your lights in your car manual, or you can google how to do it. Many cars can run their radio without having the ignition  switched on. Instead of bringing on your ignition (dash lights etc) just activate the radio on button. Most Toyotas, Jeeps, Kias and other cars with push-button start can bring bring their radio on simply by pushing the push-button without touching the brake. If you cannot switch your lights off you can also borrow a portable FM radio from the Lunar Cafe for a $5 fee. We do reserve the right to ask you to move to the rear of the theatre or even leave the drive-in with a full refund if your lights cause a distraction to other customers.

How early should I arrive?

We always suggest arriving 45 mins prior to the session start time on weekends and holidays. We do sell out often due to our low prices so don’t arrive right at the session start time without expecting some delay in entering the drive-in. It is mostly only those who arrive at or near the actual session time face that risk of missing out. Weekday sessions are not as busy, but the ticket box and Lunar Cafe can still be congested near show start time. The suggested arrival times do change depending on the night and time of year so please check the nightly session times for the latest advice.

Where is the Lunar Drive-in located?

We are at 115 South Gippsland Hwy, Dandenong. Click on the map on this page for an enlargement. We are now closer to you than ever before, from Eastlink take the Dandenong Bypass Road and it will take you almost to our driveway entry. We are also less than 20 minutes from Chadstone on the Monash freeway. Melway reference 95 H2.

Click here for a Google Map

Why visit the Lunar Drive-in?

The benefits of the drive-in theatre compared to a multiplex cinema are many:

At what time do the gates and Lunar Cafe open?

Generally they open at least 30 minutes before the first session of the night. On Fridays, Saturdays and holidays the gates and Lunar Cafe open about 60 minutes before the first session. The opening time is listed with the session times on our home page.

Why is it so busy?

Saturday night is always our busiest night. In fact it is over twice as busy as most other nights even during holidays. We love the big crowds, but admit queuing times do drag out. Why not consider visiting on another night?

What happens if it rains?

We operate in all weather conditions. Unlike other outdoor cinemas, drive-ins are built to operate during rain and storms.  We do not offer refunds due to weather conditions and there are no refunds available on pre-booked tickets, so if you are not really sure, you may choose to just purchase tickets on the night at the ticket box.  Many enjoy spending a cool rainy evening snuggled in their car under the doona, we are often told it adds a great atmosphere when misty rain sweeps in. If you park backwards and view from under your wagon or SUV hatch you do not even have to use windscreen wipers. There can sometimes be some reflection from the screen in heavy rain, but moving your car slightly to the left or right can reduce this reflection. 

Can my kids sit on the roof of our car?

We do not permit children or adults to sit or lie down on the roof of a vehicle. In addition to the obvious danger of a fall, it obstructs the view of cars parked behind you.

Can I hold a parking spot for my friends?

You may hold a parking spot only up until the feature commences or the session has sold out. Once the main feature has commenced or the session has sold out, then you must give up the position to anyone else who wishes to park there or at the direction of Lunar staff.

What happens if I cut the entry line?

If you cut into the line of cars waiting for entry and are spotted by one of our staff, you will not be sold a ticket until you exit and take your place at the end of the line of cars. If you refuse to leave, police will be called and you can explain to them and the other angry customers why you should be entitled to jump the queue and not  wait in line like everybody else.

Low Clearance Entry

Our ticket box verandah has a 2.2 meter height clearance. Use the far right or far left lanes if you have a 4wd with roof racks, a tall van or truck. Do not try to enter under the verandah thinking you might make it; you won’t!

Laser Projection Warning

Our theatre is equipped with Cinionic Laser Projection. Do not look into the projection beam. No direct exposure is permitted. Do not climb or lift a person into the projection beam. 

Can I bring in outside food?

Whilst we do permit outside food in the drive-in theatre, we offer a full range of quality hot snacks at affordable prices in the Lunar Cafe. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, donuts, chips, popcorn, soft drinks and choc-top ice creams are just some of the items on offer, click on the Lunar Cafe section for more details. The Lunar Cafe helps keep this drive-in open as most of your ticket money goes straight back to Hollywood. Your support of the Lunar Cafe is very much appreciated.

When does the Lunar Cafe Close?

The Lunar Cafe closes 10 minutes after the start of the last session. e.g. if the last advertised session of the night is at 11:30, then the Lunar Cafe will close at 11:40. Please use the vending machine located at the front of the Lunar Cafe for drinks and snacks after the cafe closes.

What happens if I speed or do burnouts in my car?

You, and all ocupants of your car are out, straight out, without refund.

Can I smoke weed or use other drugs?

No. We have zero tollerance for any type of illegal drug use anywhere within the drive-in. It is the fastest way to find yourself booted out without a refund.

How Do I Apply For a Job?

We accept applications for positions any time and hire staff once or twice per year. All applications must have details of education and previous experience (if applicable), valid references, your availability for work and a recent passport-type or ID picture. You can post it or email it to us – details in our “Contact Us” section.

Where can I find the session times?

The home page of this website has our current session times. Our 24hr session info line is 9706 9988. We are also on facebook, Google MOvies, Your Movies, Melbourne Citysearch and Yahoo movies also display our session times along with many other websites. Our giant highway sign at the entrance displays current films and times.

Can I stay and see a second movie?

Yes, you can add any second film for only $10 per carload. That means you can see two first release movies for less than the price of one movie at a multiplex! You may purchase these tickets for the 2nd movie at the time of entry or if you are still in the drive-in. The $10 second feature ticket cannot be purchased online. You cannot leave and return and receive these $10 tickets. Please ask at the ticket box to make sure your first movie finishes before your second movie starts!

Can I bring along a BBQ?

No, BBQ’s are not allowed at the drive-in.


Do you sell vegitarian, vegan or gluten free foods?


We do sell a veggie burger (made with vegetables) in the Lunar Cafe. The popcorn, hot chips and donuts are all vegan friendly. The popcorn is gluten free. All fried foods are cooked in vegetable oil. If you or family members have strict dietry requirements you may wish to bring your own food, given the simple menu available in the Lunar Cafe.

Is my dog allowed at the drive-in?

Yes, you may bring your dog as long as it is on a lead at all times and does not enter the cafe. Doggy doos must be collected; families play on our grassed areas!

Can I swear loudly, upset others around me or disobey a request by management?

Only if you want to find yourself kicked out without refund. 

Can I let my kids run around without supervision?

We love seeing kids enjoy a night out at our drive-in, but please ensure they are supervised at all times. We do not permit children to behave in a manner that may distract from the viewing experience of others. Please make sure your kids do not climb the earthen mounds behind screen 2. Once the movie has commenced, please ensure your kids are no longer running around in front of the screens or around the cars.  We also expect children to respect other children inside the Lunar Cafe and take turns with the games and rides.

Can I bring my outdoor chairs?

Yes, you may bring outdoor chairs. We require they be placed in front of your vehicle. If they are alongside your vehicle they may not be seen in the dark and another car may try to park in that position.

How do I listen to the sound?

The speakers have been retired and we broadcast the sound in FM stereo. The drive-in assumes you have a working FM car stereo radio. This is the best way to listen to the sound. Most cars can bring on the car radio without switching on the ignition. Simply press the on button on your radio. If your car does not have an FM radio, we have a limited number of small hire radios; a deposit of $50 is required. There is a $5 fee for radio hire. The hire fee and deposit may be paid via EFTPOS or cash (total $55), but the deposit of $50 will be returned via cash only upon return of the radio in good order. We only have a limited amount for hire so please bring along your own portable FM radio if your car does not have one. A builders radio or boom box is great if you are sitting outside. Please note that Bluetooth sound via a phone does not work as the Bluetooth sound is in delay.

What happens if I try to sneak someone in inside my boot?

Everyone in the vehicle will be ejected from the drive-in without refund and you risk being charged with theft. You’ll also look like a total loser in front of your mates, girlfriend and the other customers as we drag you out. Please don’t try to steal from us; we’ll guarantee it is a far from pleasurable experience for you.

Can I bring in a video camera or camcorder?

We take seriously the issue of copyright infringement. Our theatres are patrolled nightly by our security staff and those caught using a camcorder, mobile phone, PDA or ANY recording device whilst films are running will be reported to police and AFACT (the government movie anti-theft organisation), they will also be ejected without refund. You may take still pictures of your family and friends, but only up until the session start time. If you see anyone recording sound or images from our screens let the manager know immediately and you’ll receive a reward.

Why aren’t your sessions advertised further in advance?

We generally advertise session times about 1 – 2 weeks in advance. We constantly strive to bring the most popular films to you and we need to continually assess both our own and the national boxoffice figures to ensure we do this. Locking in sessions too far in advance takes away our flexibility. For an indication of upcoming films, see the Movie Info page.

How can I advertise on the Lunar Drive-in screens?

We can now offer very affordable full motion on-screen advertising to local advertisers. Contact us direct from our contact page and we’ll send you details.

May I walk into the Drive-in and join my friends or family who are already inside?

Yes, but you must purchase a separate ticket. Once a car or person is inside the drive-in their ticket cannot be used to allow others into the drive-in. It is not transferable.

Can I park my car along the entrance driveway and join my friends or family inside? 

No vehicle may park along the entrance driveway or on the grass areas next to it. We need every lane in order to enter and exit vehicles from the theatre. If you do park there, we will treat the car as abandoned and you risk having it dragged out of the drive-in. The nature strip areas in front of the drive-in are all no-standing areas and you park there at your own risk.

Can I remove my shoes?

In and around your car it is relaxing to take your shoes off during the movie, however if you walk to the Lunar Cafe or toilets, we strongly recommend wearing some type of footware. Whilst every effort is made to remove sharp objects from our grounds, small sharp items may be left over from the Trash & Treasure market that uses the drive-in each week. 

Is my information recorded?

Every vehicle entering or leaving the drive-in is captured on our video survelilance system. We also record number plates of cars entering the drive-in. This inormation is collected in case of any film piracy events or other illegal activivities and is shared with Victoria Police from time to time and also AFACT (The Australian Government agency that deals with film piracy and illegal recording). If you do not agree to your vehicle details being recorded, then please exit the drive-in. 

Can I sit on the ground next to my car?

No, if you must sit outside your car, only sit directly in front of your vehicle on a chair  and away from the roadway and access lanes between rows. Do not sit on the ground or next to your vehicle. Cars move about in the dark and may not see you.

How do I contact a staff member during the show?

Whilst it may be easy just to email or Facebook a message to Lunar if you require assistance during the session, our email and Facebook are not constantly monitored. You will find staff available in the Lunar Cafe, Ticket box or projection building. If you need to talk to a manager or staff member please visit them in one of these three areas.

Do you accept the Companion Card?

Yes, we do accept the companion card for the carer when presented at the ticket box. 


IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. If you do not accept these terms and conditions immediately exit the complex. 2. If you are in a vehicle and cannot turn it around you may be subjected to these conditions. TRADE PRACTICES ACT 1974(Act) 3. None of these conditions of entry exclude, restrict or modify the application of the Act and each of these conditions will apply, except where it is established by a court of competent jurisdiction that the owners of this complex and its management (“We”) are liable to you under the Act or any warranties implied by law which we may not contract out of.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 4. As stated above, subject to condition number 4, you entered and use the complex at your own risk including the risk of any injury, death, theft, loss or damage. 5. We are not liable to you for personal injury or death occurring in the complex, theft or loss of or damage to or caused by a vehicle (whether occurring in the complex or elsewhere), except to the extent that it was caused by our negligence or wilful act or omission. 6. You and each person who comes into the complex releases us from all claims and liability in respect of and indemnifies us fully against claims by or liability to any other person and any expense We incur in respect of any personal injury, death, theft, loss or damage to the extent that it is lawful under the act and the other applicable laws. 7. You are responsible for securing your vehicle in the complex. 8. None of our employees, agents or contractors have authority to accept any goods for safe custody and we will not be liable in any case for any loss of or damage to any article alleged to have been left with us or any of our employees, agents or contractors for safe custody regardless of how that loss or damage is caused.

COMPLIANCE WITH SIGNS AND DIRECTIONS 10. You must not obstruct the entry or exit of any other vehicle. 11. You must not leave rubbish in the complex except in any bin provided by us for that purpose. 12. You must follow signs and instructions by us and any person appointed by us to control the complex and adhere to and follow any directions and regulations displayed in the complex or otherwise communicated to you from time to time. 13. Your vehicle must not exceed height restrictions under the box office awning. If your vehicle is over 2.2 meters in height you must enter to the right of the main ticket box, stop your car, and purchase your ticket by walking to the ticket box window. 14. We have the right to enter, move (including to an outside area), drive, prevent the exit or movement of, or have towed away any vehicle. We are not liable for any damage caused to your vehicle if we move it. 15. We have the right to refuse or terminate entry without refund . 16. Tickets must be retained at all times. 17. Any form of dangerous and or reckless driving such as drifting , wheel spinning, and burnouts will result in the ejection of the vehicle and all its occupants. A report will be made to the hoon hotline Victoria and registration details, vehicle make and model will be passed on. Any supporting video footage will also be passed to police. 18. No photography, filming or video recording is permitted without prior consent. 19. Children under 12 years must be supervised at all times when playing. We will not be liable for personal injury incurred or death.  20. Each vehicle is entitled to one space. 21. Legal limits apply. Each passenger must have an individual seat belt. 22. Footwear must be worn at all times. 23. Be considerate of people around you. Do not shout or raise your volume excessively. Obscene language will not be tolerated. 24. Laser pointers are forbidden. Use will result in the ejection of the vehicle and all occupants. 25. Children under 12 years must be supervised at all times. 26. Your vehicle must not exceed 20km/h at any time whilst driving in the complex.