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10 Things I hate About You (PG)

Romantic Comedy 1hr 37mins Website Trailer

A high-school boy, Cameron, cannot date Bianca until her anti-social older sister, Kat, has a boyfriend. So, Cameron pays a mysterious boy, Patrick, to charm Kat. Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Larisa Oleynik.

The Notebook (M)

Romance Drama 2hrs 1min Website Trailer

Duke reads the story of Allie and Noah, two lovers who were separated by fate, to Ms Hamilton, an old woman who suffers from dementia, on a daily basis out of his notebook. Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Gena Rowlands, James Garner

Valentines Day (M)

Romantic Comedy 2hr 5mins Website Trailer

On Valentine's Day, several couples face struggles related to their love lives while others try their best to find love. However, they try to overcome the challenges to make things work. Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey.

Dirty Dancing (M)

Romance Dance 1hr 37mins Website Trailer

While holidaying with her parents at a placid resort, Frances is smitten with the resort's rebellious dance instructor. Her father opposes their relationship which creates a rift between him and her. Jennifer Grey, Cynthia Rhodes, Patrick Swayze

Clifford: The Big Red Dog (PG)

Comedy Family 1 hr 37mins Website Trailer

When Emily Elizabeth meets a magical animal rescuer who gives her a little red puppy, she never anticipated waking up to find a giant, 10-foot hound in her small New York City apartment. With her single mother away on business, Emily and her fun but impulsive uncle set out on an adventure that takes a bite out of the Big Apple. Darby Camp, Jack Whitehall, Tony Hale, Izaac Wang, John Cleese

Scream (MA15+)

Horror Thriller 1hr 54mins Website Trailer

Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, Calif., a new killer dons the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town's deadly past. Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette

The Kings Man (MA15+)

Action Adventure 2hrs 11mins Website Trailer

One man must race against time to stop history's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds as they get together to plot a war that could wipe out millions of people and destroy humanity. Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson, Alexander Shaw, Gemma Arterton, Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci, Taron Egerton, Rhys Ifans.

Ghostbusters Afterlife (PG)

Fantasy comedy 2hrs 4 mins Website Trailer

When a single mother and her two children move to a new town, they soon discover they have a connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. Carrie Coon, Paul Rudd, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts.

Spider-Man No Way Home (M)

Action adventure Website Trailer

With Spider-Man's identity now revealed, our friendly neighborhood web-slinger is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life as Peter Parker from the high stakes of being a superhero. When Peter asks for help from Doctor Strange, the stakes become even more dangerous. Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jacob Batalon, Jon Favreau, Marisa Tomei, J. B. Smoove, Benedict Wong, Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina, Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church, and Rhys Ifans

Sing 2 (PG)

Family comedy musical 1hr 50mins Website Trailer

Can-do koala Buster Moon and his all-star cast of animal performers prepare to launch a dazzling stage extravaganza in the glittering entertainment capital of the world. There's just one hitch -- he has to find and persuade the world's most reclusive rock star to join them. Matthew McConaughey, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Reese Witherspoon.

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Top Gun Maverick (CTC)

Action Adventure Website Trailer

Pete "Maverick" Mitchell keeps pushing the envelope after years of service as one of the Navy's top aviators. He must soon confront the past while training a new squad of graduates for a dangerous mission that demands the ultimate sacrifice. Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Val Kilmer

Jackass Forever (MA15+)

Comedy Action Website Trailer

Celebrate the joy of a perfectly executed shot to the groin as Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the rest of the gang return for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd and often dangerous displays of stunts and comedy.

Morbius (CTC)

Superhero Fantasy 1hr 48 mins Website Trailer

Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but when his experiment goes wrong, he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead. Michael Keaton, Jared Leto, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris.

Moonfall (M)

Action Sci Fi 2hrs Website Trailer

A mysterious force knocks the Moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it. A NASA executive and former astronaut Jo Fowler is convinced she has the key to saving us all – but only one astronaut from her past, Brian Harper, and conspiracy theorist, K. C. Houseman, believe her. Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Donald Sutherland

The Black Phone (CTC)

Horror Drama 1hr 42mins Website Trailer

Finney Shaw is a shy but clever 13-year-old boy who's being held in a soundproof basement by a sadistic, masked killer. When a disconnected phone on the wall starts to ring, he soon discovers that he can hear the voices of the murderer's previous victims.

Marry Me (PG)

Romance 1hr 52mins Website Trailer

Pop superstar Kat Valdez is about to get married before an audience of her loyal fans. However, seconds before the ceremony, she learns about her fiance's cheating ways and has a meltdown on stage. In a moment of inspired insanity, Kat locks eyes with a total stranger in the crowd and marries him on the spot. Owen Wilson, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Silverman, Utkarsh Ambudkar

The Batman (CTC)

Action Adventure Website Trailer

During his second year of fighting crime, Batman pursues the Riddler, a serial killer who targets elite Gotham City citizens. He uncovers corruption that connects to his own family during the investigation, and is forced to make new allies to catch the Riddler and bring the corrupt to justice. Robert Pattinson, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis, Zoë Kravitz.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (CTC)

Adventure comedy Website Trailer

Sonic is eager to prove that he has what it takes to be a true hero. His test comes when Dr. Robotnik returns with a new partner, Knuckles, in search of a mystical emerald that has the power to destroy civilizations. Idris Elba, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Jim Carrey, James Marsden

DC League of Super Pets (CTC)

Adventure Comedy Website Trailer

Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are inseparable best friends, sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime side by side in Metropolis. However, when the Man of Steel and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto must convince a ragtag group of animals to master their own newfound powers for a rescue mission. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne.

Jurassic World: Dominion (CTC)

Action Sci Fi Trailer

Set four years after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and depicts humans dealing with invasive dinosaur species across the planet and even at a drive-in theatre! Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (CTC)

Fantasy Adventure Website Trailer

Professor Albus Dumbledore knows the powerful, dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald is moving to seize control of the wizarding world. Unable to stop him alone, he entrusts magizoologist Newt Scamander to lead an intrepid team of wizards and witches. They soon encounter an array of old and new beasts as they clash with Grindelwald's growing legion of followers.

The Lost City (CTC)

Rom-com Adventure Website Trailer

Reclusive author Loretta Sage writes about exotic places in her popular adventure novels that feature a handsome cover model named Alan. While on tour promoting her new book with Alan, Loretta gets kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire who hopes she can lead him to an ancient city's lost treasure from her latest story. Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt.

Ambulance (CTC)

Action thriller Website Trailer

Needing money to cover his wife's medical bills, a decorated veteran teams up with his adoptive brother to steal $32 million from a Los Angeles bank. Caught in a high-speed chase, the two siblings must figure out a way to outrun the law while keeping their hostages alive. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jake Gyllenhaal, Eiza González, Devan Long

Dog (CTC)

Adventure Family 1hr 30mins Website Trailer

With a dog named Lulu by his side, Army Ranger Briggs races down the Pacific Coast to make it to a soldier's funeral on time. Along the way, Briggs and Lulu drive each other completely crazy, break a handful of laws, narrowly evade death, and learn to let down their guards to have a fighting chance of finding happiness. Channing Tatum, Skyler Joy

Uncharted (CTC)

Action adventure 1hr 56mins Website Trailer

Nathan Drake and his wisecracking partner Victor "Sully" Sullivan embark on a dangerous quest to find the greatest treasure never found while also tracking clues that may lead to Nate's long-lost brother. Stars Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali

Blacklight (CTC)

Action Mystery 1hr 45mins Website Trailer

Travis Block, a shadowy government agent who specializes in removing operatives whose covers have been exposed, uncovers a deadly conspiracy within his own ranks that reaches the highest echelons of power. Liam Neeson Aidan Quinn, Taylor John Smith, Emmy Raver-Lampman.

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (CTC)

Thriller mystery 2hrs Website Trailer

Elite spy Orson Fortune must track down and stop the sale of a deadly new weapons technology wielded by billionaire arms broker Greg Simmonds. Reluctantly teamed up with some of the world's best operatives, Fortune and his crew recruit Hollywood's biggest movie star, Danny Francesco, to help them on their globe-trotting mission to save the world. Directed by Guy Ritchie, staring Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza Josh Hartnett, Hugh Grant