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Sun 9 Jul

Lunar Drive-in closes forever after Sunday July 9.

Thank you to all of our customers, staff & suppliers.

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The Lunar Cafe serves up yummy burgers and other hot food snacks. Our menu items are prepared using quality local ingredients. Find out why we sell so many Lunar burgers and why our hot jam donuts sell by the thousand!

The Lunar Café is open every night serving burgers, chips, donuts, popcorn and drinks at very affordable prices. The Lunar Café closes ten minutes after the start of the last session of the night. Please arrive at least 60 mins early on holidays and weekends to avoid disappointment.

Drinks S/M/L                  $4.50/5.50/6.50                      Pizza                       $10.00
Popcorn S/M/L                $5.50/6.00/7.00                      Lunar Burger (Lot)    $9.00
Coffee/Tea/Hot Choc       $3.50                                      Chicken Burger         $7.50
Choc Top ice creams       $5.00                                      Cheese Burger          $6.00
Hang Bags (pods etc)     $6.00                                       Hot Dog                   $5.00
Hot Jam Donuts (4)        $6.00                                       Hot Chips                 $4.00
Be sure to check out our combos in the Lunar Cafe and you'll save even more!



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30 Mar 2023

¬†GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3¬†contains several sequences with flashing lights which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or have other photo sensitivities Read more

Radio hire fee

10 Dec 2020

Lunar drive-in now charges a small hire fee for use of our portable radios. A $5 fee will be charged (cash or card) for the use of our portable FM radios. A $50 returnable deposit will also be required for hire. This can be paid via cash or card but the deposit ($50) will be returned via cash only upon return of the radio in good working order.¬† The best sound system to use is the one in your car. You battery will not go flat if you only turn on your radio. From our experience it is other accessories including lights and fans/heaters that flatten car batteries. Please familiarise yourself with your car radio operation; most cars can bring on the radio without any other lights or accessories. You can also bring along any other portable Fm radio like a boom box or builders radio. Phone apps do not work as the sound is in delay. Read more