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Lunar Drive-in is reopening on Monday June 1

24 May 2020

Lunar Drive-in is reopening on Monday June 1 In line with the next relaxation of the Victorian State Government's COVID 19 restrictions, the Lunar Drive-in will be reopening on Monday June 1. Restrictions will still be in place around the drive-in including social distancing when visiting the toilets and Lunar Cafe. Extra staff will be available to monitor and assist customers in these areas. The Lunar Cafe will operate as takeaway only with a limited number permitted in the building at any one time. After purchase of your food, you must return to your car. Other outdoor areas including playground, grass areas and seating will not be available for use. You must remain inside your vehicle at all times whilst watching the movie. You cannot sit outside of your vehicle. Anyone refusing to obey the restrictions outlined above or the direction of staff or management will be asked to leave. Lunar Drive-in encourages frequent hand-washing and use of hand sanitizers. The downloading of the Australian Government's COVIDsafe app. is also encouraged. We'd like to thank you all so much for your support during this time. Take care of each other and we look forward to seeing you all back for movies under the stars at Lunar Drive-in. Read more

Radio hire fee

6 Feb 2020

From Feb 6 2020 Lunar drive-in will charge a small hire fee for use of our portable radios. A $5 fee will be charged (cash or card) for the use of our portable FM radios. A $20 returnable deposit will also be required for hire. This can be paid via cash or card but the deposit ($20) will be returned via cash only upon return of the radio in good working order.  Read more

New Smoking Regulations

1 Dec 2019

From Dec 1 2019 the Lunar Drive-in will introduce new smoking restrictions in line with other outdoor businesses. The only designated smoking areas at the drive-in are the last two rows of each theatre. To smoke at any time, even inside your car, you need to either park on the back two rows, or walk to that area. There are no other areas on the drive-in property that smoking is permitted. This includes the use of e-cigarettes. Read more

Movie Theft Warning

Copyright Infringement

We take seriously the issue of copyright infringement. Our theatres are patrolled nightly by our security staff and those caught using a camcorder, mobile phone, PDA or ANY recording device whilst films are running will be reported to police and AFACT (the government movie anti-theft organisation), they will also be ejected without refund. You may take still pictures of your family and friends, but only up until the session start time. If you see anyone recording sound or images from our screens let the manager know immediately and you’ll receive a reward. Read more

Every Tuesday is discount night ($10 per person)


Come along early to every session at the Lunar drive-in and play for free! We have video games and kiddie rides. Read more