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A Star Is Born Competition

18 Oct 2018

See A STAR IS BORN with us for your chance to win $5,000 cash. Plus we also have a copy of the official soundtrack for A Star Is Born, featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper to giveaway. To enter, purchase a ticket and fill out the entry form here Read more

Car Show Night!

Sunday Feb 24 2019

Everyone is welcome to attend the Car Show and Movie Night at Lunar Drive-in. A classic film will be screened (soon to be announced). Read more

Movie Theft Warning

Copyright Infringement.

We take seriously the issue of copyright infringement. Our theatres are patrolled nightly by our security staff and those caught using a camcorder, mobile phone, PDA or ANY recording device whilst films are running will be reported to police and AFACT (the government movie anti-theft organisation), they will also be ejected without refund. You may take still pictures of your family and friends, but only up until the session start time. If you see anyone recording sound or images from our screens let the manager know immediately and you’ll receive a reward. Read more

Every Tuesday is discount night ($10 per person + free amusement games)


Come along early to every session at the Lunar drive-in and play for free! We have video games and kiddie rides on free play every night! Sega Daytona 2, Scud Race, classics like Galaga, Raiden DX and mechanical tractor kiddie ride. No coins required, play all night in the Lunar Cafe. Read more