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Show Dogs (PG)

Family 1hr 32mins Website Trailer

Police dog Max reluctantly teams up with a human FBI agent named Frank. A hot tip leads Max and Frank to Las Vegas for the world's most exclusive dog show. To find a missing panda, Max goes under cover as a contestant to get the lowdown from his fellow canines. With help from their new friends, the crime-fighting duo must now foil another kidnapping plot and rescue other valuable animals from a gang of greedy smugglers. Will Arnet, Natasha Lyonne

Skyscraper (M)

Action 1hr 49mins Website Trailer

FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran Will Sawyer, who now assesses security for skyscrapers. On assignment in Hong Kong he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he's been framed for it. A wanted man on the run, Will must find those responsible, clear his name and somehow rescue his family who is trapped inside the building...above the fire line. Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Roland Møller, Pablo Schreiber, Byron Mann, Hannah Quinlivan, and Noah Taylor.

Ant-Man & The Wasp (PG)

Superhero Website Trailer

As Scott Lang balances being both a Super Hero and a father, Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym present an urgent new mission that finds the Ant-Man fighting alongside The Wasp to uncover secrets from their past. Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña and Michael Douglas

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (PG)

Website Trailer

Join our favorite monster family as they embark on a vacation on a luxury monster cruise ship so Drac can take a summer vacation from providing everyone else's vacation at the hotel. It’s smooth sailing for Drac’s Pack as the monsters indulge in all of the shipboard fun the cruise has to offer. The dream vacation however turns into a nightmare when Mavis realizes Drac has fallen for the mysterious captain of the ship, Ericka, who hides a dangerous secret that could destroy all of monsterkind.

Tag (M)

Website Trailer

One month every year, five highly competitive friends hit the ground running for a no-holds-barred game of tag -- risking their necks, their jobs and their relationships to take one another down. This time, the game coincides with the wedding of the only undefeated player. What should be an easy target soon becomes an all-out war as he knows they're coming to get him. Ed Helms Jeremy Renner Jon Hamm Isla Fisher Rashida Jones

The Incredibles 2 (PG)

Website Trailer

Elastigirl springs into action to save the day, while Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet -- taking care of the problems of his three children. Mr Incredible Craig T. Nelson) and Elastigirl (Holly Hunter).

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (M)

Website Trailer

Four years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing return to the island of Isla Nublar to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that's about to erupt. They soon encounter terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinos while uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire planet. Chris Pratt. Bryce Dallas Howard. B. D. Wong. James Cromwell. Ted Levine. Justice Smith. Geraldine Chaplin. Daniella Pineda.

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Mumma Mia! Here We Go Again (CTC)

Musical comedy Website Trailer

Ten years later, in the greek island of Kalokairi, Sophie is pregnant with Sky's child while running her mother's villa. Self-conflicted because she can't do it by herself, but with Tanya and Rosie's guidance, Sophie will find out more of Donna's past and how she came to start up her villa, met each one of Sophie’s dads (Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård, and Colin Firth), and raised a daughter. Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Christine Baranski. Pierce Brosnan. Dominic Cooper. Colin Firth. Andy García. Lily James. Stellan Skarsgård.

The Equalizer 2 (CTC )

Crime thriller Website Trailer

Robert McCall returns to deliver his special brand of vigilante justice -- but how far will he go when it's someone he loves? Denzel Washington, Bill Pullman, Pedro Pascal, Melissa Leo

The Breaker Upperers (CTC )

Comedy Website Trailer

Fifteen years ago, Mel (Madeleine Sami) and Jen (Jackie van Beek) discovered they were being two-timed by the same man. Bitter and cynical they became fast friends and formed The Breaker Upperers, a small-time business breaking up couples for cash. Now they're in their late-thirties and business is booming, but when they run into an old victim, Mel develops a conscience and their friendship is truly put to the test. With Celia Pacquola and produced byTaika Waititi.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (CTC)

Action Adventure Website Trailer

The best intentions often come back to haunt you. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT finds Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team (Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames) along with some familiar allies (Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Monaghan) in a race against time after a mission gone wrong.

Unfriended: Dark Web (CTC)

Horror 1hr 28min Website Trailer

Tells the story about a teen who comes into possession of a new laptop and finds that it may have been stolen. He discovers the previous owner may be watching every move he makes and will do anything to get it back.

The Spy Who Dumped Me (CTC)

Action -Adventure 1hr 57min Website Trailer

The Spy Who Dumped Me tells the story of Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon), two best friends who unwittingly become entangled in an international conspiracy when one of the women discovers the boyfriend who dumped her was actually a spy. With Gillian Anderson.

The Meg (CTC)

Action 1hr 53 mins Website Trailer

A massive creature attacks a deep-sea submersible, leaving it disabled and trapping the crew at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. With time running out, rescue diver Jonas Taylor must save the crew and the ocean itself from an unimaginable threat -- a 75-foot-long prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon. Jason Statham, Ruby Rose.

The Darkest Minds (CTC)

Fantasy Sci/Fi 1hr 45min Website Trailer

When teens mysteriously develop powerful new abilities, they are seen as a threat by the government and sent to detainment camps. Sixteen-year-old Ruby soon escapes from her captors and joins other runaways who are seeking a safe haven. Banded together and on the run, they soon combine their collective powers to fight the adults who tried to take away their future. Amandla Stenberg. Mandy Moore. Bradley Whitford. Harris Dickinson. Patrick Gibson.

Crazy Rich Asians (CTC)

Comedy Website Trailer

Rachel Chu is happy to accompany her longtime boyfriend, Nick, to his best friend's wedding in Singapore. She's also surprised to learn that Nick's family is extremely wealthy and he's considered one of the country's most eligible bachelors. Thrust into the spotlight, Rachel must now contend with jealous socialites, quirky relatives and something far, far worse -- Nick's disapproving mother. Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh & Ken Jeong.

Slender Man (CTC)

Horror 1hr 40min Website Trailer

Terror strikes when four teenage girls in a small town perform a ritual to debunk the lore of a tall, thin, horrifying figure known as the Slender Man. They soon fear that the legend is true when one of them suddenly goes missing. Joey King, Javier Botet, Julia Goldani Telles, Annalise Basso.

The Happytime Murders (CTC)

Comedy/Crime Website Trailer

In the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, two clashing detectives -- one human and the other a puppet -- must work together to solve the brutal murders of former cast members of a beloved puppet TV show. Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale.

Mile 22 (CTC)

Action/Adventure Website Trailer

James Silva is an operative for the CIA's most highly prized and least understood unit. As the enemy closes in, a top-secret tactical command team helps Silva retrieve and transport a valuable asset that holds life-threatening information. Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, Ronda Rousey, John Malkovich.

The Nun (CTC)

Mystery/Thriller Website Trailer

When a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania takes her own life, a priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Together, they uncover the order's unholy secret. Risking not only their lives but their faith and their very souls, they confront a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun. Demián Bichir. Taissa Farmiga. Jonas Bloquet, Charlotte Hope.